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Why we love Autumn

Seasonal shifts can be a bit of a challenge for some of us. I love all the seasons and having lived abroad in a country where 30-degrees-fair-to-partly-cloudy was the forecast each and every day, I have to say I badly missed them. But even so, that change-over period can take a bit of effort

One way to ease that shift a bit? To think of all the things that we love about the coming season and to get ready to fill it with them!

So when I felt the chill today and started to get that hunched shoulders, ooh-it’s-a-bit-cold grump on, I wrapped up warm, booked a service on the boiler and then sat down with a cup of tea and asked myself…

“What are my favourite Autumn things to do?”

If my answers don’t quite hit the mark for you, I’ve ended this post with my Instagram community’s responses to the same question. Inspiration on the way….ready..steady..Autumn!

  • Driving through the countryside, smelling wood smoke from nearby homes and seeing the glow of the lights of houses in the hills

  • Wrapping up in soft knits and the bite of the cold air as you head out

  • Taking off all those layers and feeling light and free once you get inside somewhere toasty

  • Blowing condensation clouds dragon-style

  • Sitting on the arm of my sofa by my living room window with a hot cup of tea, and my feet tucked up, watching the rain falling outside.

  • Savouring the smell of bonfires in the air and all the memories it stirs up

  • Standing and staring on those chilly days when the air’s crystal clear, the sky is perfectly blue and the Autumn leaves glow against it in contrast

  • Guyfawkes! My birthday..oh and the whole country sets off fireworks for me, didn’t you know! (and even if you don’t make it along to a display, you still get to experience the combined smell of the bonfire smoke, damp leaves under foot and sizzling onions from the burger stands - strangely dreamy)

  • Drink mulled cider…and speaking of which…

  • ..those lovely warming spices….cinnamon, clove, nutmeg….that love pretty much goes for the whole year but they finally get a proper look in with the start of Autumn

  • Watching a good, nostalgic costume drama with at least a few Autumn/Winter scenes. They really do that whole cosy mood/hygge thing well

  • The joy that is a good comfy pair of wellies! Feet toasty and dry…nothing to stop you!

  • Hearing the crackle of an open fire and staring into the flames

  • The smell of an old waxed coat like my knackered,old second-hand barbour hanging in the hallway (strange one I know…it’s that nostalgia thing again)

  • Taking long, hot baths..preferably with a view out into the cold and the feeling of toes and fingers thawing out!…particularly good after those long countryside walks as mentioned above

  • A proper country pub after a proper country walk. Open fires and the smell of roast lunch and the warmth that hits you as you walk in the door

Still in need of some ideas? Here are some suggestions from the instagram community!

  • Ohh pumpkin picking, burning candles, making apple pie, collecting pine cones, conkers (@Aimee_and_harrybow)

  • I love getting my blanket out, reading on the sofa, cooking pumpkin soup and collecting leaves (@heitermagazine)

  • Trips to orchards (@atmosaic)

  • Baking! Preferably foraged or garden produce (@Lottiebrown_photography)

  • Walk through the countryside looking at the trees changing colour (@Wollymuser)

  • Get out my knitwear! And start to hibernate! (@p_hoto_grap_h)

  • Eat crumble. Shuffle through leaves. Feel the cool breeze. Smell distant bonfires ( @Andrewtimothyob)

  • Lighting the fire after taking the dogs for a walk and then eating tea cakes with a cuppa sitting in front of the fire (@eternalbloomsbyvictoria)

  • Ignore the fact that Winter’s imminent. Oh, and conkers (@anyweaselart)

  • Wearing my tall leather boots (@nonisadzi)

  • Warm wool, good new shoes, a new notebook, tea with heart-friends in cosy coffee shops. And a time of being held by nature’s wisdom too (@Ruth_steadman)

  • I love the colour of trees in Autumn (@bohemia_photos)

  • Having a warm cocoa under a blanket. Strolling through the forest surrounded by all the burgundy and amber colours (@im.lingxi)

  • I really want to go to the Arboretum in Tetbury this Autumn, the trees look so beautiful at that time of year (@kamariapryceart)

  • Kick through the big crunchy leaves under the plane trees. Bliss (@keeper_of_fragile_things)

  • Watching the leaves change colour. Cooking the apples and plums that fall from the tree and noticing the light change and the nights draw in. I think Autumn is actually my favourite season, ankle boots, blankets, long dog walks and pub lunches. Also getting out my favourite jumpers (@collette_mindfulness)

  • Walk in mom’s garden and take a lot of photos (@priyaapriya)

    A big thank you to all of you who sent across your thoughts! Feel free to add your own in the comments section below. I’m always open to new suggestions!

Have a wonderful Autumn, Autumn fans!
And for those of you who find it a struggle, sit tight, enjoy the bits that you can and keep remembering that the other seasons are queuing up to make their appearance. Another shift will be along in no time at all!

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