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Chiffe happens

Autumn leaves

This is my first official post on this new journey. It has taken me 9 years of abandoned attempts at blogging and 18 years dreaming about and taking little hidden steps towards starting a shop. 

My name is Tassie and I'm an ex developmental psychologist, ex fashion designer, ex-nursery nurse/nanny/special needs teacher (do you see a pattern here?) forever photo-taker and determined seeker of truths. 

I live in my little flat on the Western edge of London where I spend most of my spare time nurturing my garden, wandering outdoors, drinking way too much tea and attempting to work out the meaning of life in the time remaining...

I've lived a good few decades of hectic adventures - running off to the Caribbean for a few years here, moving to Brazil there. I've moved home 11 (or is it 12!?) times...

Before, during and after the Psychology career, I worked in a pharmacy, as a waitress (many times..), in boutiques and bars and restaurants, as a milliner's assistant, for a dementia charity, in a school for children with complex needs, changed many a nappy for the kiddies of several hundred families and "assessed" scores of toddlers for research projects at Oxford University..the list goes on and on (and on a bit more)

I would say the vast majority of all that was me frantically searching for answers to questions I didn't even realise I was asking... 

I wish I had captured all those past moments in one place. They would have made for some interesting (!?) posts with pretty varied content! Nowadays - yearning for a bit more clarity and a bit more space - I've reverted back to childhood joys and spend more time wandering the great outdoors and marveling at nature. 


At the beginning of 2017, in the middle of a great big shake up of career and personal life (with neither having quite worked out how I'd hoped they would), I decided it was time to SLOW. THINGS. DOWN...

If I was going to work out what these questions were and hopefully get to the answers, I was going to have to allow some space to see things without the (avoidance!) distraction filters. 

This journal is to record my new journey. To reflect and learn...to share with you what/who has helped me along the way as well as all the ups and downs in real time! I'm sitting here thinking "who wants to read about my journey?!" but I know that reading those of others has really helped me to finally have a go at this.

I don't know where it will lead but if there's one thing I've learnt so far, it's that you can't predict the future and although uncertainty is uncomfortable, it's almost always better to lean in and keep stepping (favourite mantras you'll hear me say repeatedly if you come back to visit me again!) than to avoid. 

I've been holding off from launching this website for way too long. Some excuses were legitimate. Lots were just from a whole heap of fear and procrastination. At one point I was easily ready to post a few items in the shop and hit publish. People were interested in the items. It was all set up. But I had my mind set on starting this blog at the same time and had no idea what to write about! Then the other day I read a great post by Helen aka Bookish Baker and sat nodding furiously through the whole thing...



“You cannot not start your blog because you feel you don’t have a voice yet.
The voice comes from writing. And posting. And writing. And posting.

It is a muscle. Your blogging muscle. And you have to keep using it”


So thank you Helen. Your blog post was the final push. Time to start the workout...

This is a whole new world for me and I'd love to hear your stories or feedback any time you feel like getting in touch. Feel free to drop me a comment or if you'd like to hear when I'm posting or adding new items to the shop, you can sign up for my emails. No spam or hard sales, just some occasional hellos or updates!

In my next post I'll have a go at explaining "Chiffe" and how I ended up selling antique clothes online from a career in child development research and will share details of a few of the people and resources that helped me get started!

Here goes... 


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