Garment care?

Vintage and antique clothing has history, which - for many of us - is what makes it so special. But as a result it is often more fragile than modern day clothes. 
Manufacturing processes have changed dramatically over the years and many Chiffe items are hand sewn and coloured with natural dyes. They are not designed to be cleaned with the chemicals we're now so used to and some won't like them at all.
Please treat your Chiffe clothes and accessories as you do other gentle care items (there is lots of helpful info online e.g. this one). 
Or failing that live wildly in them and enjoy their beauty while it lasts and then hang them up to adorn your walls as I do with my unwearable treasures  

Where are they from? 

I built the collection over the past 20+ years. Some are from vintage fairs of the 90s, some from Paris flea markets, others from little antique shops I found on my road trips around the UK. A couple are from online sellers. One was gifted by the original goddess of antique clothing who kicked off the vintage revolution in the 90s, Virginia Bates who I worked with in my teens. All were bought because I loved them. They called out to me asking to be taken home. 

Can you sell my pieces for me?

If you have items you would like to pass on to new homes, feel free to drop me a line. If I feel they would fit with the Chiffe aesthetic and that they would sell for your asking price plus my commission for shooting/website/postage and packaging, I'd be very happy to hear from you.

Do you accept returns?

If an item is significantly different to what is described on the website and a request is made within 14 days I will be happy to refund the item cost. Buyers will be responsible for the item until it reaches me so I strongly suggest using recorded delivery. 
Please note that vintage and antique clothing often has small signs of age and wear & tear. I cannot list every tiny blemish but will always do my best to describe any that are visible or significant. I do want you to be happy with your purchase though so do always drop me a line if you have any worries. 

Do you ship internationally?

If you live outside of the UK and have seen something you're interested in please contact me directly

Can I use your photos?

All photos on the website are my own. Pretty please, drop me a line if you'd like to use one. I'll more than likely say yes!